iFuse Implant System for SI Joints

If you experience chronic anterior or posterior hip or groin pain, there’s a chance it stems from sacroiliac (SI) joint problems. Often misdiagnosed as lower back or hip pathology, this pain can lead to hypersensation, radiating or transient pain, and mobility limitations. We want to assure you you’re not alone if you experience symptoms associated with SI pain. Approximately 15-30% of patients with hip pain walk away with SI dysfunction as a primary diagnosis, which the iFuse Implant System can successfully address.

What is the iFuse Implant system?

The iFuse Implant System is an orthopedic surgery facilitating the fusion of the sacroiliac joint, using advanced technology that has resulted in 70+ peer-reviewed articles establishing the safety and efficacy of this system.

The iFuse Implant System reduces pain for patients with sacroiliac instability or inflammation by surgically inserting a triangular implant as a permanent device, fusing both areas of the joint to restore mobility and reduce strain on the surrounding anatomy.

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