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Breast Care

If you’re living with malignant or benign breast disease, you want to have a caring and skilled team in your corner. Every member of our staff is fully committed to our mission of providing caring and comprehensive breast care to our patients. Learn more about the surgical options we offer in Morehead City, North Carolina.

Experienced Breast Cancer Surgeons in Morehead City, NC

Our team offers a multi-level approach to breast care, giving you the most comprehensive treatment options. With the combined efforts of our skilled breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Mindy Merritt we will find the surgical solution for your needs.

Based on our prognosis, you may be recommended for one of the following therapies:

Our surgeons and staff will collaborate closely with you and understand your problems, so you get the quality treatment you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common symptoms that would necessitate making an appointment with a breast care specialist?

If you find a lump, notice skin redness or thickening, or experience bloody nipple discharge, you should see a specialist.

Which family medical history is more important, maternal or paternal?

Both are important. Please make sure you’re prepared to discuss your medical history comprehensively. We recommend speaking to your family prior to your appointment.

What do I need to know about my family medical history?

We will need to know which family member, what type of cancer they had, and their approximate age when diagnosed.

What is involved in a biopsy?

We perform minimally invasive ultrasound-guided and stereotactic/tomosynthesis biopsies. These procedures are done via a small incision (less than .5 cm) and closed with a steristrip (no stitches needed). If you’re concerned about any of the procedures we perform, please let us know so we can answer any and all questions.

Get Quality Breast Care at Our Morehead City Surgery Center

Schedule an appointment at our surgery center to work with our breast care team. Contact us if you have any questions about our treatment options. Learn more about our breast care specialists.

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