unspecifiedCarolinas Center for Surgery, based in Morehead City, North Carolina, is a regional leader in surgical procedures that repair injuries, solve health concerns, and improve general well-being. Our entire team, consisting of doctors and other highly trained medical professionals, provides expertise for many specialty services.

Whether through fellowship training or years of distinction in the field, our staff boasts incredible credentials. Our surgical practice works diligently to remain among the most respected in eastern North Carolina — and it is founded upon our close collaboration with patients and the care before, during, and after any operation or service.

To help us fulfill our promises, we also partner with local academic institutions and hospitals, including Carteret Health Care and The Surgical Center of Morehead City, for consultations and use of facilities.

Our Process Begins and Ends with Your Health and Well-Being

Whether you’ve come to us for weight loss surgery, orthopedics, or plastic surgery, you have a committed team that openly collaborates with you and each other. Our single aspiration is to continuously — and consistently — offer thorough and thoughtful care for every patient.

Our methodology for surgical procedures and pre-op and post-op care begins and ends with your good health and well-being, and we encourage you to contact us for an appointment to begin with proper questions and concerns that you may have.