How to Recover From Orthopedic Surgery

In previous months we’ve covered what to expect from your hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery. We’ve offered many helpful tips on how to prepare for your upcoming surgery, a high-level overview of what each procedure entails, and a brief discussion about recovery. Recovery is every bit as important as... Read More

What to Expect From Hip Replacement Surgery

If you’re experiencing hip pain that doesn’t seem to respond to medication and makes everyday activities such as getting dressed in the morning, standing from a seated position, or walking a challenge, it may be time to consider hip replacement surgery.    Continue reading to learn more about what to expect... Read More

Knee Replacement Surgery: What Can You Expect?

Knee replacement is one of the most commonly recommended orthopedic procedures yet, so patients put off this surgery due to concerns or fear about what to expect. If you’re considering knee replacement surgery, continue reading so we can help put your mind at ease.  What to Expect: Knee Replacement Prior to... Read More

What Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and What Are the Benefits?

Minimally invasive laser spine surgery is a commonly practiced procedure, but many people don’t know what it entails. If you’re a candidate for spinal surgery or you know someone who is, you owe it to yourself to understand this procedure and the benefits it offers.  What You Should Know About Laser... Read More

Mazor X Robotic Spine Surgery vs. MAKO Robotic Surgery

Robot-assisted surgery is becoming increasingly popular among spinal surgeons for a number of reasons. Better visualization, a smaller surgical field, and faster recovery time are just a few of the benefits that make the Mazor X™ and MAKO systems a popular choice among healthcare specialists.    Continue reading to learn more... Read More

3 Benefits of the Mazor X Robotic Spine Surgery

Advances in technology have changed the way spinal surgeons address a variety of spinal conditions and injuries. A host of minimally invasive surgical procedures that minimize risk, shorten recovery time, and help to avoid potential surprises in the operating room are now at your disposal.  However, are these procedures worth the... Read More

What Is Mazor X Robotic Spine Surgery?

  Even in the hands of the most capable, experienced spinal surgeons, the risks associated with spinal surgery and the recovery time needed to heal properly drive many surgeons to utilize robotic technology that will help them to plan more effectively, make smaller incisions, and foster a faster recovery time. This... Read More

Returning to Physical Activity After Orthopedic Surgery

If you’ve just undergone orthopedic surgery, you may be wondering how to get back in shape and on with your life. Continue reading to learn more.  Getting Back In Shape After Surgery Patience Is Key While you might be itching to return to your previous lifestyle and activities before the injury... Read More

What You Need to Know About Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you’ve been working tirelessly towards a healthier weight but have seen little to no results no matter how much effort you put in, it may be time to consider more invasive solutions. One of the most common procedures to help patients jumpstart their weight loss journey is gastric bypass surgery. ... Read More

When You Should Consider Surgery for Pain Management

Few conditions can hinder your lifestyle more than chronic pain. Whether your pain is a result of an accident, such as a fall or sports injury, or if it is due to an underlying condition such as cancer or arthritis, you deserve relief. For some patients, the pain is not a... Read More