MAKO robotic orthopedic surgery is an innovative procedure that utilizes the precision of the MAKO robotic-arm system to help with total and partial knee replacement surgery, as well as total hip replacements.

A virtual 3D model of your joint is built, and then the robotic arm helps to guide the orthopedic surgeon through the procedure. It also allows the doctor to make adjustments to your plan during the surgery itself.

The best part? While studies are still being conducted on MAKO robotic surgery vs. traditional orthopedic surgery, one 2017 study found that eight weeks post-operation, patients who had undergone robotic-arm assisted surgery reported 55.4% lower pain scores than those who had gotten traditional joint replacement surgery.

Read on to learn about robotic orthopedic surgery and to see if it might be the right solution for your pain.

The 3 Steps of MAKO Robotic Surgery

Step 1: Create a virtual 3D model

The first step in this innovative surgical procedure is for the patient to have a CT scan. This scan is then used to build a virtual 3D model of the joint. This model is uploaded into the MAKO software.

Step 2: Build a personalized surgery plan

The surgeon then goes into this software to review and alter the implant plan as needed, ensuring that the sizing and alignment of the joint replacement are correct.

Step 3: Replace hip or knee with precision

With the personalized surgery plan as a guide, the MAKO robotic arm assists the surgeon and allows for further customization and modification of the plan as the surgery continues. With the precision of the robotic arm, the surgeon is able to ensure accurate placement and alignment of the joint replacement.

Is MAKO Robotic Surgery Right For You?

The MAKO system is specifically designed to help patients who suffer from severe joint pain and require joint replacement surgery. This joint pain usually stems from arthritis.

But to truly know whether MAKO robotic-arm assisted surgery is right for you, you should consult a specialist at Carolinas Center for Surgery. If you live in the area, consult one of our orthopedic surgeons in Jacksonville, North Carolina.