The Benefits of Physical Therapy

If you’ve sustained an injury or recently undergone a surgical procedure, one of the best ways to regain mobility and accelerate healing is by beginning physical therapy. Our knee replacement surgeons recommend that patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery or other procedures begin physical therapy at Action Therapy in Jacksonville. The physical therapists at […]

How Do You Know When to Consider Spine Surgery?

If you are feeling persistent pain in your neck or back that impacts your quality of life,visiting a spine surgeon might be the answer you’re looking for. But how can you tell if you can benefit from a procedure like Mazor robotic spine surgery? Check out the guide below to learn who can benefit from […]

What to Expect from Laser Vein Therapy

If you’re tired of searching “laser vein treatment near me” trying to learn about this innovative treatment, keep reading for our guide below. We can tell you everything you need to know about laser vein therapy and vein treatment in Jacksonville. We’ll also give you information on where you can find a Jacksonville vein doctor […]