When other skin treatments just won’t work, laser treatments can be used to restore, replenish, and rejuvenate your skin safely, quickly, and effectively. 

Laser skin treatment or hair removal involves using a small laser to direct short, concentrated pulses of light to the targeted area to remove thin layers of skin. 

There are a number of laser treatments and hair removal treatments available at Carolinas Center for Surgery in Morehead City, North Carolina, serving Jacksonville, Swansboro, and Beaufort:

Laser hair removal

Remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body to reduce the need for waxing or shaving.

Tattoo removal

Fade away an unwanted tattoo, and restore your skin back to its natural canvas. 

Scar removal

Zap away an undesired scar, and rediscover your confidence. 

Brown spot correction

An excess of pigment can build up as a result of sun exposure, acne, or hormonal changes and lead to dark spots on the skin. A laser can be used to wipe those spots away and give your skin a fresh, replenished look.

Stretch mark removal

Get rid of those unsightly stretch marks resulting from pregnancy or weight change. 

Acne and acne scar removal

When traditional acne treatments aren’t enough, laser skin treatment can be used to clear up a case of acne or old acne scars.

Cellulite reduction

Lasers can be used to smooth out uneven skin resulting from cellulite. 

Wrinkle reduction

Recapture your youth by using laser treatment to smooth out wrinkles.

Redness, Rosacea, and pore minimization

Laser treatments can eliminate redness and Rosacea when other treatments can’t and even close up pores.

Laser liposuction

Laser liposuction is a less invasive alternative to traditional liposuction.  

By and large, laser treatments are safe and effective with little or no pain and only minor (if any) side effects.     

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All of the skincare treatments available at Carolinas Center for Surgery are performed by Dr. Peter Klainer, an award-winning plastic surgeon dedicated to helping you uncover your natural beauty. 

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