Mazor X Stealth Robotic System for Spinal Surgery

As the pathway your brain uses to control your body’s movements, few body parts are as important as your spine. If you need to undergo back surgery, make sure you get the best possible care. Work with the team at our Morehead City, Jacksonville, or Swansboro, North Carolina, surgery centers.

Work With a Skilled Back Surgeon in Jacksonville and Morehead City, NC

Our board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeon, Dr. Ashraf Guirgues, approaches each spinal issue with careful consideration. He’ll discuss your concerns with you in detail to find the back surgery procedure that can offer you the relief you need.

Dr. Guirgues offers a variety of traditional and laser spine surgery procedures treating disorders of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions. We can also perform:

  • Artificial disc replacement
  • Lumbar fusion
  • Microdiscectomy

When to Consult a Spine or Back Surgeon

It can be difficult to know when you might need back surgery. If you experience any of these symptoms, make an appointment at our spinal surgery center:

  • Consistent bladder or bowel problems
  • Back pain accompanied by a fever
  • Back pain that gets worse at night
  • Back pain that began after a fall or accident
  • Numbness or weakness in the legs
  • Back pain that radiates into the legs
  • Consistent pain for longer than three weeks

Now Available: Mazor X™ Stealth Edition Robotic Surgery Platform

Patients in need of spinal surgery, Carolinas Center for Surgery is glad to announce we have acquired the Mazor X™ Stealth Edition robotic guidance platform. This state-of-the-art system assists our spinal surgeon, Dr. Guirgues, in the planning and execution of procedures. Find out how this technology allows us to perform more precise surgeries with faster recovery times for our patients.

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Get Quality Spinal and Back Surgery at Our Surgery Center in Jacksonville or Morehead City, NC

Schedule an appointment to find the right spinal surgery procedure for you. You can also contact us at (252) 247-2101 if you have any questions about our treatment options. Visit Dr. Ashraf Guirgues’ website for more details!

Spinal Surgery is available at these locations: