Non-Surgical Interventional Treatment for Pain

Don’t let our name fool you. Oftentimes, the safest and most effective method for finding relief from pain is actually through a non-surgical interventional treatment like the ones made available at Carolinas Center for Surgery.

Non-Surgical Interventional Treatment Options

A non-surgical interventional treatment aims to provide enough pain relief for a patient to complete physical therapy and rehabilitation, prevent further injury, and maintain the ability to properly function at home or work.

The non-surgical interventional treatment options found at our pain management center in Jacksonville, North Carolina, can relieve discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders, pelvic area or other parts of the body. These options include:

  • Epidural injections: Delivering steroids that can provide pain relief by reducing inflammation
  • TENS Units: The use of an electrical current to stimulate nerves for therapeutic purposes.
  • Lifestyle factors: Weight loss, smoking cessation, and activity modification can all help alleviate pain.
  • Physical Therapy: The use of massage, heat, and exercise to reduce or eliminate pain.
  • Nerve blocks: A nerve-numbing substance that is injected into an affected area to block out pain.

Biofeedback: A mind-body technique that uses auditory and visual feedback to gain control over involuntary bodily functions, like relaxing muscles for better pain management.

Our pain management specialists will begin by performing a physical exam to evaluate your pain level, sensory function, and range of motion that will include blood tests, an MRI, CT, or X-rays and a full medical history report. Schedule your appointment today.

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