Imaging and Radiology

CT and MRI Scans at Carolinas Center for Surgery

Patients sometimes need a CT or MRI scan done in order for a doctor to more accurately diagnose a disease or an injury. At Carolinas Center for Surgery, we provide in-house imaging and radiology services — so you don’t have to travel elsewhere to receive a quick MRI or CT scan.

If you’re in the Jacksonville, Morehead City, or Swansboro area and you need a CT or MRI scan, look no further than Carolinas Center for Surgery. Our experienced surgeons at our multiple locations accept outside referrals for imaging and radiology services.

A CT (computed tomography) scan uses a combination of X-rays to produce detailed images of the inside of your body. At our main office location in Morehead City, we have a GE Brightspeed Elite 16 – Slice CT scanner that:

  • Delivers high-resolution imaging
  • Provides exceptional beam power
  • Makes for quick and easy visits

We also have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) vehicle that comes to our office a few times a week. An MRI scan provides pictures of the inside of your body to monitor treatments and to diagnose existing injuries or complications.

If you are in need of radiology or imaging services, schedule an appointment with Carolinas Center for Surgery.

Call our office for more information and schedule an appointment at any of our locations in Jacksonville, Morehead City, and Swansboro, NC.