They say it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. That may be true for everything except new year’s resolutions. If you’re determined to start the new year healthy and happy, the first step is nailing down some ways to get there.

Below is a list of five healthy habits for the new year so that you can start 2019 with a bang.

Start eating healthy breakfasts

Starting the new year healthy means starting each day healthy. Eat a nutritious breakfast packed with protein and fresh fruit within 90 minutes of waking up. You’ll set the tone for your metabolism for the day and prevent yourself from overeating later on.

Go for a checkup

Most insurance plans cover the cost of an annual physical, but so many people fail to take advantage of it. By having a checkup at the start of the year, you’ll gain awareness about where you’ll need to focus your efforts in the months to come.

And if you already know of an ongoing health issue, schedule an appointment to learn about treatment options and find out more about what’s going on with your body.

Get enough sleep

Exercising and avoiding junk food isn’t always easy. But who doesn’t love a good snooze? Not getting the proper amount of sleep can be tied to obesity, diabetes, and cancer — not to mention depression, irritability, and a decline in cognitive thinking skills. So get your Zs early and often in the new year.

Ease your pain

If you have a nagging pain or discomfort, you may be less inclined to get proper exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. The first step toward getting enough exercise is improving your mobility and alleviating pain. Some physical therapy or a chronic pain management program can get you there.

Get off the sidelines

Are you living with an old sports injury such as a knee, rotator cuff, or hip that is beginning to affect your everyday quality of life? The game is over. You don’t have to live with the pain or lack of mobility anymore. We have a team of surgeons who specialize in sports medicine procedures and can alleviate you of the discomfort and get you back to living an active lifestyle again.

Request an Appointment at Carolinas Center for Surgery

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