Are you suffering from some muscle and joint pain? Experiencing less range of motion? Could it just be a sign of aging? Is it nothing more than a minor injury that will heal on its own? That’s always possible, but it’s equally as likely to be something that needs professional treatment.

It’s important to have certain injuries and conditions treated by a professional, but not always easy to know when it’s necessary. Below are five situations when we feel you need to see a sports medicine doctor

1. Acute injuries

Acute injuries are those suffered while exercising, playing a sport, or from falling or other accidents. Acute injuries include sprains and strains to muscles, joints, and bones. These don’t always heal on their own and even when they do, they can heal incorrectly leading to complications down the road. 

2. Chronic sports injuries

Unlike an acute injury, a chronic injury is one that gradually develops over time. These “overuse” or “wear and tear” injuries are often the result of training or playing a sport too hard or for too long. Tendinitis, stress fractures, and torn rotator cuffs are common examples of chronic sports injuries. 

3. Broken bones or dislocated joints

A broken bone or dislocated joint requires the help of an orthopedic doctor like the professionals here at Carolinas Center for Surgery. These types of injuries are not to be taken lightly and can lead to serious complications when not treated by an experienced specialist.

4. During recovery from a sports injury

Sports medicine doctors don’t just help when treating an injury; they are often just as necessary during the recovery phase. A sports medicine doctor can help you strengthen the injured area, regain your flexibility and range of motion, reduce swelling, and promote proper healing. 

Following surgery, sports medicine doctors are also expert resources to help you get back on your feet quickly and safely. 

5. To prevent a sports injury

Sports medicine doctors can even be instrumental in preventing a sports injury from happening in the first place. Sports medicine doctors can give advice about safe and proper training, nutrition, stretching and warm-up routines, and more that can help you avoid injury. If you’re picking up a new activity or re-engaging in one after a long layoff, it’s wise to first consult with a sports medicine doctor to reduce your chances of an injury. 

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