MAKO Robotic Surgery | Knee and Hip Replacement

Advanced MAKO Robotic-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery in Morehead City NC, Jacksonville, & Swansboro

Carolinas Center for Surgery works to bring our patients the latest and best treatment options. That’s why we offer the innovative MAKO Robotic-Arm Assistive Technology as a way to add extra precision to orthopedic surgery procedures. Find out if the MAKO Robotic Arm is right for you at our Morehead City, Swansboro, or Jacksonville, North Carolina, office.

The innovative MAKO system can give extra assistance to our skilled orthopedic surgeons in the completion of partial knee replacements and total hip replacement surgeries.

A personalized 3D model of your joint is built based on scans. This model is used to make a unique plan for your procedure.You’ll review the plan with Dr. Coles or Dr. Bates before the surgery.

During the procedure, the robotic arm will guide your surgeon, keeping them within the plan. The plan can also be altered based on the doctor’s assessments of your anatomy in real time. This results in the most accurate possible placement of the implant.

Find Out if MAKO is Right for You

Schedule an appointment at one of our Morehead City, Swansboro, or Jacksonville, North Carolina offices to learn if MAKO can help you. Contact us at (252) 247-2101 if you have any questions about the MAKO Robotic Arm.


Thomas Bates, MD, AAOS
Thomas Bates, MD, AAOS
Total Joint Reconstruction & Sports Medicine
Robert E. Coles, MD, AAOS
Robert E. Coles, MD, AAOS
Orthopedic Sports Medicine