Pain Medicine

Carolinas Center for Interventional Pain Medicine is recognized as one of North Carolina’s leading centers for advanced therapies to treat chronic pain.  Both interventional pain procedures as well as non-interventional treatments are offered.  Dr. Campbell has brought leading-edge pain medicine services to Morehead City and the surrounding areas.

At Carolinas Center for Interventional Pain Medicine, our goal is to relieve your chronic pain and improve the quality of your life.  We utilize cutting edge technology and advanced procedures combined with one on one time with our physicians to establish an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to ultimately minimize pain and increase function.

Services Offered at Carolinas Center for Interventional Pain Medicine:

  • Acute, Chronic and Cancer Pain Evaluations and Treatments
  • Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Evaluations and Treatments
  • Non-Surgical Interventional Treatments
  • Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatments
  • Chronic Pain Medication Management and Recommendations
  • Outpatient Detoxification
  • Patient Education and Lifestyle Modification

We want to help you find the source of your pain and achieve the normal lifestyle you lost.  Allow us to provide not only the compassion and understanding you deserve but also the most effective treatments and meaningful, lasting relief.  Dealing with chronic pain can be very challenging, let us help you to manage your pain and get back to living life to its fullest.


Garlon Campbell Jr., MD
Garlon Campbell Jr., MD
Pain Medicine