Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Care with Dr. David Roska.

Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Care with Dr. David Roska.

Dr. David Roska is an ENT Specialist who has medical education in facial anatomy. As an ENT specialist, he has years of experience in treating facial cosmetic conditions. It goes without saying that an ENT doctor’s knowledge of facial anatomy is second to none. It’s this experience and knowledge which provides his patients with more successful cosmetic outcomes. As a surgeon, he not only understands the medical processes for skin rejuvenation with an advanced medical background but he uses the most advanced skin treatment laser system in the world. All right here at Carolinas Center for Surgery.

Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Care

Hannah's Story

Hannah was a patient of Dr. Roska’s who had suffered from years of acne scarring and skin problems. She spent thousands of dollars with skin care specialists all over eastern North Carolina who had promised great results. None of which changed her outcome. Her journey to Dr. Roska and the results he was able to achieve, changed her life. Watch her story below.

Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Care – What does it treat?

The Lumenis AcuPulse System is one of the most versatile resurfacing lasers on the market. It can be adapted to meet your goals and treat a wide range of skin conditions on the face.

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Sun Damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne Scars
  • Benign Growths
  • Pearly Penile Papules

Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Care – How does it work?

Co2 Lasers produce light at a 10,600nm wavelength which is absorbed by water in the skin. The laser energy heats up the water until it reaches a burning point causing evaporation of the affected tissue. Some heat is absorbed by your skin to the affected area, causing tissue coagulation which induces hemostasis as well as thermal stimulation of deep skin layers. The overall effect is the removal of damaged skin and the stimulation of the body to replace it with newer, younger skin.