If you’ve just undergone orthopedic surgery, you may be wondering how to get back in shape and on with your life. Continue reading to learn more. 

Getting Back In Shape After Surgery

Patience Is Key

While you might be itching to return to your previous lifestyle and activities before the injury occurred, rushing the healing process or pushing yourself too hard can result in further injury therefore leading to a longer recovery time or permanent damage. 

As you consider types of exercise and how hard to push yourself, be sure to work closely with your health care specialists and follow their recommendations. A slower recovery time may seem like a temporary inconvenience, but it will be worth it in the long run. 

Listen to Your Body

While some pain and discomfort is expected as you work your way back to health, you need to take heed of the type of pain you are experiencing and adjust your exercise routine accordingly. 

If you are still in pain after the activity is done, this is a sign you may have pushed yourself too hard. Likewise, if the pain feels more like a stabbing or sharp pain, this could be a sign of further injury. As you return to physical activity, pay attention to the signs and signals that your body is giving you to help pace the healing process. You’ll become attuned to the needs of your body over time and should learn to trust them.

Choose Activities Carefully

While it is encouraged to utilize different forms of cross-fitness to stay in shape as your body heals, be cautious of what types of exercise you pursue. Exercise and sports that are high impact or high contact are highly discouraged as they could lead to further injury. Avoid the same practices or mistakes that led to your injury in the first place. 

Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy combines targeted strength training and flexibility exercises to give your injury site the best range of motion and stability possible. These exercises and stretches are closely monitored by a physical therapist who is knowledgeable of your specific injury and surgery. Your therapist will also provide recommendations for you to help manage your pain and exercise routine at home. 

Find a Physical Therapist in Jacksonville, NC

Start your journey back to health after surgery by partnering with a physical therapist at Carolinas Center for Surgery. We provide a variety of orthopedic treatments in Jacksonville, NC. We will create a customized plan specific to your injury so that you can return to the activities you love. Request an appointment today.