Few conditions can hinder your lifestyle more than chronic pain. Whether your pain is a result of an accident, such as a fall or sports injury, or if it is due to an underlying condition such as cancer or arthritis, you deserve relief. For some patients, the pain is not a result of any known condition whatsoever. This pain is often referred to as pathological and has no known explanation of origination.

If over-the-counter and prescription medications aren’t cutting it, then it’s time to consider more advanced options. Continue reading to see why surgery might be the right solution for you. 

Surgical Solutions to Pain Management

Is Surgery Too Drastic? 

People often underestimate the effects of chronic pain. Not only does pain cause personal suffering, it can be unrelenting to the point that it can affect your ability to work, have meaningful relationships, or even eat and complete basic physical activities. 

If your pain is not responding to traditional treatment and is causing you to stop working or completing basic tasks, then it’s time to consider more invasive options. Surgery might not seem like a drastic step if you consider how drastically your pain has affected your quality of life. 

How Does Surgery Help?

Surgery should be considered as a last resort. If other forms of pain management such as medication and physical therapy have yielded no results, then you may be ready to discuss surgical options. A reputable surgeon will only operate when he sees that a surgical solution is the best course of treatment. 

Surgery is not the solution for every condition. If there is a clear, identifiable problem that can be corrected or repaired through surgery, such as a spinal injury, then surgery may be a viable option. Your surgeon will discuss recommended treatment options with you before moving forward. 

Is Surgery a Safe Option? 

As with any surgical procedure, surgery to control or manage your pain comes with its fair share of risk factors. It is crucial to find a surgeon you can trust who will consider a number of factors such as your age, medical history, and symptoms before recommending surgery as a suitable option. If surgery is a viable solution for your case, your surgeon will expose any potential risks to help you decide if surgery is something you’d like to pursue. 

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