Spinal Health Month is a great time to put focus on your spine, which is a crucial part of your overall health. Taking preventative steps recommended by a spine surgeon, such as stretching and establishing good exercise habits, can help you maintain a healthy spine. Read on for advice on how to keep your spine healthy and how minimally invasive spine surgery and Mazor robotic spine surgery helps correct any issues you may experience.

National Spinal Health Month

Your spine is a crucial part of your nervous system and your bone structure, making it vital in just about everything you do. There are many things that you can do to promote the health of your spine. Being mindful of maintaining good posture goes a long way towards keeping your back healthy, as can regular stretching and exercises that work your spine.

How a Spine Surgeon Can Help

If everyday measures such as stretching and exercise aren’t enough to avoid spinal issues, there is still help available to you. Here are some of the services a spine surgeon offers to help you get back to your healthiest:

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Many people automatically assume that spine surgery is going to be highly invasive, but this isn’t always the case. Modern developments in spinal surgery have allowed for procedures that achieve effective, lasting results without long recovery times or other downsides of more invasive surgeries. 

Talk to your spinal surgeon about what minimal invasive options are available to you. There’s a good chance that your spinal issues can be corrected without temporarily taking you away from the things you love most in life.

Mazor Robotic Spine Surgery

New developments in medical technology allow surgeons to achieve things never before possible. The Mazor system allows surgeons to have a digital image of the spine and the surrounding area before they even begin the operation. This procedure uses robotic parts to hold surgical tools with a degree of precision unlike any other.

There are plenty of appealing benefits to this type of surgery. The digital imaging system decreases exposure to radiation that other imaging techniques require while the surgery decreases the risk of complications. The benefits to this robotic spine surgery allow you to get back to your regular routine quicker than surgeries of the past.

Interested in learning more about the services our surgeons offer? Schedule a consultation today and let us help you get on the path to a healthier spine!