Robot-assisted surgery is becoming increasingly popular among spinal surgeons for a number of reasons. Better visualization, a smaller surgical field, and faster recovery time are just a few of the benefits that make the Mazor X™ and MAKO systems a popular choice among healthcare specialists. 


Continue reading to learn more about each of these robot-assisted procedures so that you can discuss which system might be the best fit for your condition.

The Mazor X™

The Mazor X Stealth™ is a comprehensive robotics system that has three major functions which include pre-operative planning, robotic guidance, and surgical navigation. 

Pre-Operative Planning

The planning features of the Mazor X include 3D analytics, optimal implant trajectories, and customizable implant selection. These features work together to create a 3D model of your spine as well as surgical recommendations which the surgeon will use to plan every step of the surgery before you even enter the operating room. 

Robotic Assistance

Spinal surgery, perhaps more than most surgical procedures, relies on the steady and accurate hands of the surgeon. The Mazor X™ platform acts as a second pair of hands during the operation by holding rods and surgical equipment in place, monitoring the health of the patient, and running scans to create optimal visualization for the surgeon. 

Surgical Navigation

Using the Mazor X™  navigation features, your surgeon has access to real-time visualization without having to make a larger incision or exposing you to radiation through multiple X-rays and scans. This means you leave surgery with a smaller incision, a lower risk of infection, less post-op pain, and a faster recovery time. 


Similar to the Mazor X™, MAKO Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology helps the surgeon plan and implement your surgery with such precision that you get to enjoy more accurate results and a faster recovery time. The main difference in these technologies is that the MAKO is most commonly used for full- or partial-knee or hip replacements while the Mazor X™ was designed primarily to aid in spine surgery. 


To plan for the surgery, your surgeon will upload a CT scan of the joint that requires surgery into the MAKO system in order to create a more informed and personalized surgical plan. During the operation, the MAKO robotic arm will assist your surgeon to stay within the planned boundaries to more accurately place the necessary implants using smaller incisions than traditional join replacements would require.

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