Knee replacement is one of the most commonly recommended orthopedic procedures yet, so patients put off this surgery due to concerns or fear about what to expect. If you’re considering knee replacement surgery, continue reading so we can help put your mind at ease. 

What to Expect: Knee Replacement

Prior to Surgery

Your health care specialist will require a physical exam and imaging to assess the overall health and damage to the knee. This will help your surgeon decide on the best course of treatment and to plan your surgery from start to finish. 

This exam may require a few blood tests and a full family health history. This appointment will also serve as an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the procedure and how to best prepare. 

A Surgical Overview

Depending on the procedure and a few health factors, your surgeon will recommend either general anesthesia or a spinal epidural. The surgery itself should last only one or two hours. 

The more traditional knee replacement surgery includes an 8- to 10-inch incision along the front of the knee through which the damaged part of the joint will be removed and the shin and thigh bones will be prepped for your new implant. The artificial knee will then be replaced and the surgeon will close the incision. 

For partial knee replacements, our surgeons utilize MAKO Robotic Arm Assisted Technology to provide a minimally invasive procedure which requires less recovery time and offers fewer associated health risks. 

Recovery Time

Due to advancements in technology, the vast majority of knee replacement surgeries are now considered outpatient procedures meaning you will not require a hospital stay. If, however, you require additional monitoring due to a health concern or complication, the expected hospital stay should only extend up to four days. 

Recovery from knee replacement may require some initial support from a walker, crutches, or a cane but you will be able to stand and walk within just a day or two with nearly full mobility free from discomfort within a month. Help from a physical therapist could hasten recovery and is recommended for most patients.

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