Spine Surgery

Robotic spine surgery is becoming more common for both minor and major surgical needs – and is expected to grow. Medtronic has estimated that robotic assisted procedure volumes will grow over 30% in the next decade, and have stated that minimally invasive spine surgeries are growing more popular compared to other surgical segments. However, while surgery can be assisted by robots, the healing process can’t be – and can lead to great discomfort and frustration if patients aren’t properly prepared.

Below, we’re discussing and comparing some of the best methods to aid your robotic spine surgery recovery process, as well as offering resources to help you on your journey to wellness.

How to heal from minimally invasive spine surgery

Looking for the top strategies to heal from your robotic spine surgery? You’re in the right place.

1. Take a look at your diet

After surgery, your body is already dealing with high levels of inflammation. Refined sugars and junk foods can exacerbate this, leading to more frequent occurrences of post-surgical pain and irritation. As you ease back into your regular eating routine, we recommend making healthy food choices where possible to aid in your healing process. Antioxidant and clean foods, such as fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates are all great options to consider for your pre- and post-surgical diet.

2. Rest as much as you can

When you’re in pain, it’s difficult to truly rest. However, actively working to promote rest as you get through your recovery period will ultimately help you to heal more quickly. Rest is when the body does its deep repair and restorative work, and is especially important during this recovery period.

3. Reduce stress and promote healing

Stress can cause systemic inflammation in the body, which can slow the healing process. As you’re already under a considerable amount of stress as you recover from minimally invasive spine surgery, it’s important to reduce all other instances of stress. If you can, you may consider taking extra time off work, delegating household chores to roommates, family, or aides, and promoting mindfulness and relaxation through natural techniques – such as meditation.

Considering robotic spine surgery?

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