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Knee replacement surgery can work wonders, ending constant knee pain and restoring full mobility. However, there is a recovery process required after this surgery. Read on for information from knee replacement surgeons on the details of this recovery process.

How Long Does it Take to Heal From Knee Replacement Surgery?

It’s important to remember that every person’s body is different, so everyone’s recovery process following knee surgery will be different. However, you can typically expect to resume normal mobility about six weeks after surgery. It may take three months to normalize any pain and swelling resulting from the surgery.

Tips for Improving Your Recovery Outlook after Knee Replacement Surgery

Follow the tips below to ensure your recovery process goes as smoothly as possible.

Wear Your Knee Brace

Following knee surgery, you’ll likely you’ll be prescribed a knee brace to wear. While this can be a mild inconvenience, you must wear this knee brace whenever possible. The extra support and stability will help your knee heal more quickly.

Hold Your Knee Straight

With the help and additional support your brace offers, you should do everything possible to hold your knee straight throughout the recovery process. The less movement and flexing of your knee, the easier the recovery process will be.

Perform Light Exercise

Certain light exercises can help your knee recover more effectively, but you should start small early in the process. Try simply bending and extending your knee from a sitting position or doing gentle leg presses with a resistance band. Once your recovery begins, you can move on to other exercises such as walking and cycling.

Attend Physical Therapy

Along with performing light exercise on your own time, your knee recovery will also go more smoothly if you attend physical therapy. The professional assistance will help you make the most out of your recovery process.

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