Hip Replacement Surgery

If you have been searching for a “surgery center near me” or an orthopedic physician in Jacksonville to find a location you can trust for hip replacement, look no further than our Carolina Center for Pain Management and Surgery. We offer surgical options for chronic hip pain, including total hip replacement surgery and other orthopedic surgery options that can improve your quality of life and alleviate your pain.


Hip Replacement Surgery Options

We offer surgical procedures designed for patients who suffer from hip pain. These options include total hip reconstruction, hip replacement, fracture repair, and arthroscopy.


Our experienced orthopedic surgeons perform these procedures by custom tailoring a surgical treatment plan to meet your exact needs so you can undergo the best treatment to experience total healing and pain relief. Whether your pain stems from the aging process, genetics, or an injury, we can design a plan for your unique situation.


Hip Replacement With MAKO Robotic-Arm

We also offer surgical procedures using the MAKO Robotic-Arm intended to replace the hip to alleviate chronic pain. This technology assists during total hip replacement and allows for improved precision during the treatment process.


The device adds an extra layer of expertise to the surgical procedure, guiding the surgeon and ensuring the utmost accuracy in placing and securing the implant. This advanced technology also helps alleviate postoperative pain and enhance treatment outcomes.


End Your Search for a “Surgery Center Near Me” With Our Orthopedic in Jacksonville

Whether your hip pain has been a chronic condition that has affected you for years or it’s new to you and severely limits your mobility and quality of life, we offer versatile treatment options custom-tailored to your needs. We begin our treatment process with a consultation to learn more about the source of your pain so we can design a plan to address the issue at the source and alleviate your hip pain for good.


Don’t spend another day white-knuckling your way through chronic hip pain. You don’t have to live with chronic hip pain. Our surgical solutions will alleviate your pain and improve your life and well-being. Contact us today at Carolinas Center for Surgery to learn more about our procedures and schedule your initial consultation.