Many people are unaware that the benefits of BOTOX® treatment go well beyond smoothing out forehead wrinkles. For over a decade BOTOX® has been an approved and highly effective treatment option for relieving severe paroxysmal headaches, better known as migraines. If you’re suffering debilitating, recurring migraines that disrupt your life, it’s time to take back control. With BOTOX® you can drastically reduce the pain of your migraines and get back to being you.


It’s safe, easy, and simple.


Before you choose BOTOX® as your migraine treatment option, be advised that BOTOX® is FDA-approved for treating only chronic migraines. Chronic migraines are severe headaches that afflict someone at least 15 days every month. BOTOX® is not a recommended treatment if experiencing fewer.


For patients choosing BOTOX®, treatment is simple. Patients receive precise injections near nerve endings throughout the head and neck. The injections deliver BOTOX® to these nerve endings which in turn prevent neurotransmitters from sending pain signals. BOTOX® treatment also reduces muscle contractions around the areas of injection, further decreasing acute pain from migraines.


BOTOX® injections are commonly administered once every 12 weeks, or four times a year. These injections are not painful or debilitating – following treatment you may safely drive home. Depending on your preferences, your doctor may numb your skin with a topical anesthetic before beginning treatment.


Most importantly, it works.


BOTOX® injections are an effective choice not only in treating chronic headaches but in preventing them too. In one study, patients receiving BOTOX® injection treatment for migraines reported experiencing 50% less headache days. Although it is generally agreed that BOTOX® injections require time to be fully effective, the evidence is clear: they work. 


Your doctor can develop or adjust a treatment schedule according to your needs. While not a permanent solution to migraines, regular BOTOX® injections allow you to better focus on and enjoy life without the painful disruption of chronic headaches.

If you think BOTOX® is the right solution for your migraines and wish to know more, feel welcome to contact our team or schedule an appointment today. We look forward to helping you return to a migraine free life!