Studies show that more than 11 percent of all American adults deal with chronic pain. Most chronic conditions should be addressed with the adept medical care provided by experienced pain management professionals, but there are several ways you can address this pain while at home, before you’re able to see a doctor.

If you need relief before your appointment or consultation, try some of the techniques we’ve listed below.

4 Essential At-Home Pain Management Methods

Heat Therapy

One of the most well-known methods for at-home pain management is heat therapy, which involves placing a heated object against the part of the body that’s in pain.

Heat addresses chronic pain in two ways. First, heat is known for relaxing muscle, potentially reducing both soreness and stiffness. Second, heat therapy also promotes circulation where the heat is applied, and this additional blood flow may help clear out lactic acid waste that has built up in your muscles, which might be contributing to your soreness.

Cold Therapy

Another common pain management technique is cold therapy. Here, you take something cold like an ice pack or a bag of peas and apply it to the pain point.

Whereas heat therapy is the primary choice for muscle relaxation, cold therapy is a good option if you’re seeking to reduce the swelling that often comes hand-in-hand with chronic pain. Cold therapy may also numb the area, helping to reduce the pain felt while it’s in action.


Many doctor-prescribed pain management plans work exercise into the mix, as it offers a host of physical benefits — including enhanced muscle strength and enhanced joint mobility — that can ultimately help reduce your chronic pain.

Beyond these advantages, exercise also activates the release of endorphins, which helps lessen our perception of pain.

Just be sure to consult a healthcare professional before adding exercise to your routine to ensure you’re not in danger of making the pain worse.


Basic relaxation is one of the most common components of pain management plans. That’s because relaxation helps reduce muscle tension while lowering stress, which are both linked to pain levels.

Popular relaxation methods include meditation and message. Another option is yoga, which blends elements of relaxation and exercise to build muscles while helping to reduce stress.

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