Advances in technology have changed the way spinal surgeons address a variety of spinal conditions and injuries. A host of minimally invasive surgical procedures that minimize risk, shorten recovery time, and help to avoid potential surprises in the operating room are now at your disposal. 

However, are these procedures worth the investment? Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery.

3 Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

A Shorter Recovery Time

The greatest appeal of minimally invasive surgery is that you have to endure smaller incisions than traditional surgical procedures. Since the incisions are smaller and more precise, your recovery time is generally much faster. This means that instead of spending countless hours in a hospital dealing with significant post-op pain, you’ll experience minimal pain and can return to your normal activities in much less time on average.

Less Risk of Exposure

Any type of surgery comes with its fair share of risks to consider. Longer procedures increase the chance of exposure to infection, which could lead to significant complications. Large incisions also play a role in increasing the chance of exposure to infection. 

The smaller the surgical field and the shorter the surgical window, the smaller your risk of post-op infection becomes. Minimally invasive spine surgery offers both of these benefits, which in turn lessens potential exposure to infection or radiation.

Fewer Surprises

The scopes, tools, and robotics used in minimally invasive spine surgery equip the surgeon with more visibility, information, and precision. These resources can act as a second pair of eyes or hands for the surgeon, which in turn means there is a smaller chance of unexpected surprises during the procedure. 

In fact, in several surgeries, such as Mazor X Spine Surgery, your surgeon will have the added ability to plan and customize your procedure before you even enter the operating room. 

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